Eco-Lander provides highly efficient cleaning solutionswith innovative technology

Precision cleaning is critical to many industries: automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, electronics, optics, heat treatment, hardware parts, and others fields. Eco-Lander provides German made full vacuum cleaning machines for total cleaning solutions, ensuring part quality and working efficiency.

German-made cleaning machine for sale or lease

We sell or lease vacuum cleaning machines to meet customers’ needs. Eco-Lander can expertly advise customers on the best precision cleaning solution using the highest quality and state-of-the-art Germany cleaning machines. We are with you all the way through offering complete service including trial cleaning, local maintenance, spare parts, and machine operation training.

Precision contract cleaning

Our contract cleaning service offers precision cleaning, rust prevention treatment, packing, and delivery after completing the standardized cleanliness tests. We believe that our customized, flexible, and timely precision cleaning service is your best choice.

Professionally reliable services

With more than 40 years of precision cleaning experience, our professional team serves customers with cleaning machines made in Germany, which are widely used by leading global manufacturers. Eco-lander provides high quality, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. We are definitely your best strategic partner.